Is there a way to safely migrate assets and their dependencies to another project?


So I found myself with this scenario, I have a test project on which I filled it with free assets, i.e. particle effects. All of these assets comes in a bundle, and the bundle is very heavy.

I have now a clean project from scratch, I would like to move just what I need from this other test project.

So, how can I achieve to migrate i.e.:

  1. Particle effect (If I export only this, will fail because next points are needed)
  2. Material instance used to draw the particle effect (dependency 1)
  3. Material base of point 2. (dependency 2)
  4. Texture used on Material point 3. (dependency 3)
  5. And it gets worsts if the particle has more than one occurrence of [2,3,4]

So, is there a safe way to migrate an asset and all of their dependencies?


Check this out


Excellent, I saw other times EXPORT which does not help for this purpose, but migration seems to be exactly what I need. I like also that it shows dependency tree of the asset you are about to migrate.