Is there a way to resave all content?

Hi, I am working on a UE4 project and when I package I get a lot of warnings that suggest me to resave certain assets.
Yet, the only way to resave a given asset seems to be to open it, change somehing, save, revert, save again.

This process is indeed incredibly tedious when you have to find and do it for like 70 different things!
Does anyone know how to resave everything in the content browser, or flag it to be saved?

There is even an option when you get some map loading warnings that allows you to mark something for resave with one click!

Ok I know this thread is from March last year, but I’d like to know that too. Maybe someone has written a script or something meanwhile?

Do you get this error when updating the engine/project?

I usually get this error when I change/update to a new engine version and an asset feature was updated. The error usually involves a component or mesh that is part of the environment already gets updated and does not reset the same flag, so save all does not work, but states that you will get the same error each time until the level is resaved. The work around I use is to select window > levels and click on the save icon and it will resave the level even though save is not reset and the next time the level is loaded the error is cleared.

You all figured this out yeah? Been a few years since this thread was addressed… but I accidentally hit “Resave All” and then wanted to know exactly what the engine was doing so I googled and found this thread.

I’ve been working in UE4 4.21 and now they have it so that you can just right-click the Content folder in the Content Browser and simply click Resave All. Sounds like it’s saved a lot of headaches!


This was helpful to me @samohickey, thankyou!

Wow, never notice the option is there for years. Currently using 5.2.1, and it solved all the warnings of assets saving using old engine version. Thank a lot.