Is there a way to remove camera's acceleration & deceleration?

Is there a way to remove the delay between moving and stopping the camera, when no buttons are pressed?
This happens when I’m using WASD + mouse to move around.
I would like it to be the way it is while moving with left click.


If I understand correctly you want to remove the camera lag when using WASD. That can be done by calling Set Enable Camera Lag on the Spring Arm Component based on if the keys are pressed or not. If you’re using Input Actions you can set the variable to false on pressed, and on released you can check if any of the other keys are pressed and if not then set it to true.

Thanks for the reply!

Sorry I was a bit unclear.
I meant the Unreal editor’s camera movement, which “lags” if I move with WASD. This doesn’t happen when moving with mouse buttons only.

What I want is the camera would stop immediately from moving when I release the movement key. Right now it keeps “sliding” for half a second.

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It sounds like you could have “camera lag” turned on on the player’s spring arm holding the camera.

Hey, did you solve the problem and if yes, how? I have the same problem in my project.

I found out that the option in “project settings” called “fixed frame rate” causes this - and not its not camera lag or anything like that pertaining to the character its the camera in the editor window its self while placing meshes etc