Is there a way to record animations more precisely?

I purchased the Movement Animset Pro and it has a perfectly looping idle animation. In my game the character will be holding a weapon, so I opened up the idle animation, adjusted the bones for how the character will be holding the weapon, and now I have a perfectly looping idle animation in the position that I want. However, now I need to record the animation to save the positioning of the character. The problem is that I have to pause the animation, hit the record button, go down and hit the play button while it’s recording the model just standing there, then try to stop the recording right as the animation ends. Yes, I can go to the new animation and trim it, but it’s very difficult to make it perfectly loop again. Isn’t there a way to record from beginning to end without me having to manually start and stop the recording?

EDIT: Thank you for the advice, but that’s what I’ve been doing. The problem is that I’m not that great at finding the exact frame where the loop begins and ends, so this process takes me several attempts before I get it right. Usually I’m off by one or two frames that make a noticeable jolt in the animation, so I have to try again. It’s just another little thing that takes up time, so I was hoping there would be a way to set it to record from beginning to end automatically. It seems there isn’t a way to do that, so I’ll have to stick with this method. Thank you.

Please let me know if this solution works for you: Record the looping animation 2 or 3 loop cycles so that you have one complete perfect loop in the middle. In the newly created anim sequence pause the animation. In the timeline, manually scrub to the right until you reach the beginning of the desired/complete loop. Right click on the time line. Delete all previous frames. Now scrub to the end of the complete/desired loop. Delete all frames after the complete desired loop. You should now have a the desired loop by deleting 1) the beginning loop missing the first frames where you had to hit record and deleting 2) the final loop where you missed the final frames having to press stop. Hopefully that makes sense.