Is there a way to practice CPP coding on a phone

Just to practice and learn on a phone.

Doesn’t have to actually program anything on the phone.

Must be able to compile and run the code though to see how it works.

Like Codeblocks or VS but on a phone.

I Googled around but couldn’t find anything.

Yes, you can use this website for basic stuff. Obviously you won’t be able to take advantage of 3rd party libraries or Unreal, but you can develop an idea or method with it. Somehow I’d recommend getting a laptop (or Windows 10 tablet) if your problem is being stuck somewhere lol

O.k. thanks but i need to do it offline.
I dont want to sit on a bus and burn up data plan :slight_smile:
I have a gaming laptop I do my “normal” developing on.
I just need to kill time on 2 bus rides every morning.


If you have an iPhone I can’t help you lol

The first review by “Arafat” is kinda funny. He doesn’t realize the string needs an extra element to make it null terminated.

It would be better to spend the “bus time” playing with design and algorithms than with code.

O.k. heard that will consider thank you :slight_smile:
I have to much to learn and to do I wanna learn how to create an array of my heads :slight_smile:

I installed CxxDroid for my Android so far so good.
Hello World works so thats good enough for me :slight_smile:

Thank you everyone for your answers << endl;