Is there a way to pass some parameters to timeline?

i’m using a timeline to set time delation, i make the world slow and the player keeps normal, i wan’t to know if it’s possible to pass some parameters to “timeline” because i’m frequently changing how slow the world is or how long it takes to achieve the min value for the function or how long the effect lasts for example, it would be easier for me if i could use parameters instead of changing the functions every time, and i was also thinking about changing it during gameplay.

for the ones of you who like to see instead of read:

i wan’t for example the field “value = 0.001” to be “value = TimeDelation” (the float variable in my BP) and the Length to be “FreezeTimeDuration” instead of 5

also, i’ve noticed time delation doesn’t affect audio, so it get’s kinda weird, is there a way to affect audio too?