Is there a way to notify when Move To Actor reached it's destination?

Hello! I want a Bot to always follow me. The moment it reaches me right now, it stops moving. Is there a notify that I can use to restart the Move To function?
I assume if I run the Move To Actor on Tick / Behavior Tree it will have a worse performance?

Instead of using the “Simple Move To Actor” node, you could consider using the “AI MoveTo” node, which provides various useful events.

For things that are scarce, like “NPCs that follow the character,” doing something inside Tick(), or maybe doing something on a timer that runs 5 times a second, is not a performance problem to worry about.

Generally, I will do something like “if I’m further away than Y from the player character, issue a move-to command, else if I’m between X and Y, set the speed to lerp(walk, run, (D / (Y-X))), else do nothing.”
This will let the NPC run when it’s further away, and walk when it’s closer, so it stays at a consistent-ish distance/speed without starting/stopping too much.