Is there a way to not have world rotation for a object in sequencer?

**Like the title says, I want my object to be able to spin in place in an angle without having world rotation ruining the animation.
I kind want the effect of a screw, and I want the object to be place around a circular object that the “screws” kinda comes up from.
But whenever I put rotation on the pre-set angle it keeps using world rotation instead of the actor rotation.

I feel like I’ve looked in most the places, both inside the Engine and on the internet but I can’t seem to find a solution for this.
I know how to do this in a blueprint, but then how could I implement that blueprint into the sequencer? **

it’s a parent space issue
your yaw by default will spin around z axis
you need to parent the object underneath something, then tilt the parent, and then spin the object, you can just use an invisible object as the parent