Is there a way to move an entire landscape to a new project? Not just the assets

I’ve been messing around with the free demos provided in UE4 (FirstPersonShooter, LandscapeMountains, etc.) and I’ve created smaller landscapes within those by using the assets provided. I’d now like to merge them all into one project. The small section that I cut out of LandscapeMountains would be one level of my project, the small section of FirstPersonShooter would be another level, etc. The only thing that I know how to do is migrate all of the assets, but I don’t just need to assets, I need the landscape exactly as it appears in one project to be picked up and moved to the other project. Is that possible?

Just copy the map which contains the landscape to your new project :slight_smile:

Wow, it was that easy. Thank you very much for the quick reply.

Hi, how do you copy the map to another project?

For example my map is stored in this path:
C:\Users\Alireza\Documents\Unreal Projects\Distant_Mountains\Content\Maps

I copy the map and paste it into other project like:
C:\Users\Alireza\Documents\Unreal Projects\Bucko92_Horror_Game\Content\Maps

Thank you for the reply… this helped. :slight_smile:

You can also find the map in Content Browser > right click > Asset Actions > Migrate.

Kia ora

Best practice?

So is it better if one buys assets, eg; Landscapes, buildings and environments etc to create a project for that asset and migrate it to
a, say blank new project to make use of it’s contents.

For example Maximum-Dev’s totally awesome landscapes. install that in it’s own project create a blank so theres a place to send assets,
load the landscape asset right click the say Island folder (with maps) and migrate that to the blank project, them import your landscapes and splatmaps to make use of the materials and learn how to tweak them into working well or just copy over the whole materials folder only

Migrate is much better… just incase there are dependencies associated with the map…

  1. Create new project and then close it.
  2. Open the old project, select the map (.map file) and then right click, asset actions -> migrate. Select the ‘Content’ folder of the new project
  3. The map and the dependencies will be copied to the new project.

Can you do this with weapons you find on the marketplace too?

Migrate works great for most things.

If you have a custom C++ class, it’s a headache. Instead of your own C++ classes, plugins are recommended. Your plugins will migrate.

If marketplace assets are already on the map, they will be included as part of the migration (only those assets). Otherwise, you can just add the package/plugin to the new project from your library.

I did this and it’s not recognizing it, it’s just showing the map data. May I have some help with this? ((NVM))