Is there a way to make VInterpTo subject to gravity?

I’m trying to build a basic function that will smoothly ice skate the character in a specific direction- in this case I’m just multiplying the character’s facing to make him slide in the direction he’s already facing:


This works, but because I’m just interpolating between two positions, if I do something weird like jump during the motion I end up floating in midair, slowly sliding towards the destination. Is there any way I can modify this so that gravity and physics apply normally, and keeps the player on or close to the ground as they move?

Would I be wrong to suggest using an event tick and applying an AddMovementInput every tick if a skating var is set to true? That way gravity and physics still apply? I did this for my dodge rolling in my project and it seemed to work in my case. I don’t know if it’s considered proper though.

That’s an interesting idea, I’ll try it out- thanks :slight_smile: