Is there a way to make the buttons in a widget not grey when disabled?

I am making a Main Menu where the camera flies into the main menu screen, I have disabled the buttons whilst the camera flies in, but the buttons are grey when disabled, is there a way to make the buttons look the same when disabled as they do when they are enabled? I want the buttons to look the same when they are enabled and disabled.
It takes 5 seconds for the camera to fly in at the start so I want the buttons to be disabled for 5 seconds and then enabled after the 5-second delay, but I’m sure you gathered that from the event graph screenshot.




This works, thank you :slight_smile:

Inside the widget, if you select the button, you can define the visuals for all the states of the buttom, including the disabled state.
Just be sure use the same visuals for the disable and normal states.

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You can SetVisibility to Not Hit-Testable and later SetVisibility to Visible