Is there a way to make LOD distances with metres

Short and simple. Can I make LOD distances based on metres like in unity (or centimetres, feet, inches,…) instead of the percentage of the screen it takes?

Example: I have a few models of grass. I’m going to call them Grass_1 and Grass_2 for now.
Grass_1 is lushy, long and big, so if the LOD is set to swith to another level when it takes less than 0.5 of the screen area. Works well, but if I do the same thing with Grass_2, which is basically a small patch of a few cm tall grass, it will switch to LOD way sooner.

So again, can I make it so the LOD levels switch after 10 metres or 15 metres instead of when it takes less than 0.2 or 0,73 of the screen area?

Hi ziggah,

There is no current option to use distance for setting your LOD distances. There is only the option for the screenspace that I’m aware of.

Thank you!


Dam… Thx for your input


Right now I have used LOD using screenspace. But When my object is behind another object and it is only half visible,then LOD is not working properly.

I mean it calculating only visible area…

Is there any solution for it?