Is there a way to make an entire object project sound?

I’m trying to make walls that buzz. I think I can make it by moving a sound component inside the wall to match the player. But that’s a mess. So I figured I’d check if there is a way to just make the entire object project sound?


Moving a sound component actually sounds pretty cool.

I’ve been working on a proximity system that would quite possibly work for this but it’s lower in my ToDo list than other things.

There is an asset on the marketplace that gives spline based proximity, but it would be slower than moving the sound component.

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My first thought for solving it was using a collision overlap to detect proximity to a wall, but I quickly realized I have no way of getting the collision position to play the sound from.

Are you saying there is a way to get that direction in a way that doesn’t point towards the wall center(or I guess anchor point)?

I’d attach it to the wall and make it move itself. It has to stay on the surface of the (collision) mesh, but always remain at the point closest to the player.


Is target in this case the point from which to measure to the collision point, or is it the object with which you are colliding?

If it is the first one, is there a way to sort it so it only calculates collisions with a certain type of object? And I suppose I should also ask what happens if you collide with two such objects at once, does it calculate it once for both, or just the closest one?

I looked up how to use it, and it was exactly what I needed. The closest point within an object!

I was gonna try to do just that, but with much more complicated scripting.