Is there a way to make a "master widget" template like you can for actors and use the class reference to call specific widgets from an array?

Here is what I am hoping to do, there may be a simpler way but I am still new at this. I am making a readable notes system, where you can interact with a note and it appears in a note reader widget that I created.

What I want to do is make some type of “master note” that is basically a template, then create a child widget from this parent to make different notes. Then, for each pickup actor in the game, I can choose which note class corresponds for that note. When the note is picked up, it will add that notes image to the note reader widget I created.

I have a master readable world actor that is setup with a structure to hold information such as the note name, pickup sound, and the actual note, which would be the master note widget class. Then, I can choose which note to display based on the note that is picked up, if that makes sense.

The problem I am having is that I cannot create child classes from a widget, and I do not know a better way to do this.

I like all of your posts. You did a really good job. Thank you for the information, it helped me a lot. I hope to have more or more entries from you.
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