Is there a way to make a loading screen with progress bar ?

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I saw all the tutorials like Get a Load of This: How to make a Loading Screen | Live Training | Unreal Engine - YouTube

And all the forums threads are like for 4.4 or 4.8 in the case of the Epic’s tutorial.

But it’s always the same thing, Level Streaming (and still we apparently don’t have a progress value) and faking non-seamless travels with delays .

I need to make the same loading screen as Days Gone Days Gone - opening load time from SIE logo to cutscene - YouTube

And when you see Brackey’s making a progress bar in 10 minutes… with Unity T_T

But the thing is, Unity’s using Async operations, I know there is FStreamableMaanager, but also Asynchronous Asset Loading | Unreal Engine Documentation

But none of them seems to integrate a progress value like Unity or maybe I missed something…

Is it still a pain to make a loading screen in 4.22 ?

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i really hate that no such solution (at least from all the searching i have been doing before) is there to implement a Real Progress Bar. the only thing that you can do is put a progress bar which shows fake progress. im not sure if this is even possible with blueprint. it might be with c++ and there might be some plugins. look for plugins if possible im pretty sure no such way is there to solve this with bp.

i would recommend that you put a feature request for this here: Epic Forum Request Section

During the last Unreal Europe Fest, Axel Riffard talked about it : Async Loading Screens and Transition Levels | Unreal Fest Europe 2019 | Unreal Engine - YouTube

The thing is to make a side module completely dedicated to loading

It’s already done in the Action RPG sample.

But the thing is it needs to be made with Slate(T-T) because it’s rendered on a different thread than the game thread. Still, it’s just to have a smooth loading screen. I don’t have access to the progress of my actual loading.

I’m writing a Request right away. Thanks :slight_smile:

So in fact there is a simple function available in C++

   GetAsyncLoadPercentage(FName& packageName)

The only thing is :

  • when you call it, it locks the currently async loading
  • It’s only for the current package and not it’s dependencies
  • Reaaaaally heavy

There is an example here :

I’m trying to export it into a module. I will post the code later.

Best regards everyone