Is there a way to make a box/crate with a list of items inside ?

So I wanted to keep the engram list clean and not have 40+ entries So I made a Workbench with Blueprints inside of it. Sadly these do not appear in folders so My next thought is to make a Crate that when crafted and placed would have a set of items or some variation of this. Single use item that gives the player items ? Anyone familiar with anything like this? Just had this idea today so I have just begun looking into it myself but any help is very appreciated!

I did find under consumable give item on use however only showing ability to grant 1 item :confused:

See post # 4 on this thread: Building Blueprints without lern - ARK: Survival Evolved - Epic Developer Community Forums

Hey, this is how you would go about spawning multiple items into the players inventory from a consumable:

You need to create new array variable of the “PrimalItem” class(the “Dye Array” in this example) that contains the items you want to spawn.

Yes Pok3r that is how I came about the actual question. Needed to make one Entry to receive multiple Items to keep the Inventory clean. Thank you all the same for the reply!

Awesome Mezzow that was exactly what I was looking for! Thanks!

Sorry have to say it again THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOO MUCH IT WORKSSSSSSSSSSSSSS :smiley: Now The bench has 1 Engram for a consumable that gives a full suit of custom armor!