Is there a way to make a box collider fire an event if not activated

Hi I am trying to create a floor made from cubes that are only displayed when the character steps on it. It needs to go in all directions for infinity distance. The only way I have been able to do it is using spawn actor from class and make it visible when the player steps on it. When the size of the scales up it takes up too much memory. So I was think if a trigger box could fire an event when not activated spawn the cube that way. Or if any one as any advice that would be great Thanks

Hey roberthope6186-

You could make a blueprint that has a static mesh component (the floor) as well as a box collision component. Set the static mesh to not be visible by default (visibility false), then when you overlap the box collision change the visibility to true and when you end overlap with the box, set the visibility back to false. You can then use multiple instances of the blueprint next to each other to create the full floor out of smaller pieces.