Is there a way to 'lock' the virtual joysticks in place?


We’re developing for a tablet and have come across a slight problem. When you activate the virtual joystick, it will move to where your finger is; so if you touch the screen close to, but not on, the virtual joystick then it will activate and jump to that location, anywhere up to about half-way up the screen. Is there a way to disable this as its becoming annoying for users when they are trying to activate a touch-activated object in the level that is on the bottom half of the screen (but not underneath the joystick) and they are activating the joystick instead.

I have had a look through the options but there only seems to be an option to disable recenter, where as I need it to be always centered.

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Hi Hulkysaurus,

Take a look at the post below. Going into the ‘Default Virtual Joysticks’ settings under Engine Content and enabling ‘Prevent Recenter’ should do exactly what you are looking for. The joysticks will never move under your thumbs but they will always stay in the same place.



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Awesome, thank you! Isn’t this a bit misleading though? To me ‘disable recenter’ suggests that the joysticks won’t reset to their original position if true. Whereas you are suggesting that this option will stop them moving in the first place; is recenter the technical term for the joysticks moving around. i.e It recenters to the activation point. Either way, thanks for the help!

You welcome! Yeah, recentering is when the joysticks move to be under you finger within a certain area. Recenter is the term that we use in the editor but other engines or devices may refer to it by another name.

Hey, TJ, thanks so much for that info! I know you posted this quite awhile ago, but it really helped me out. :slight_smile:

Thanks TJ.It worked