Is there a way to limit GPU usage?

Does it stay at 98% when you turn Realtime(from the drop down menu that opens with the little arrow in the corner of viewport) off as well?

I am new to UDK and am following the programming quick start guide from the documentation website. After creating a new blank project the Unreal Editor starts. Right away my GPU activity jumps to 98% as seen in the AMD Catalyst Control Center → Performance → AMD Overdrive page. As soon as I close the Unreal Editor the activity drops back to 0%.

I am running Windows 8 with an AMD 7950 video card. I am running catalyst version 13.12.


When I turn realtime off the activity drops to 10-20 percent. At least my GPU fans stay off now.Thanks!

It still jumps up to 98% as I rotate/move around the viewport though.

Ok. Thanks for the help.

That is normal, when you turn realtime off it renders only when you interact with the level.

In the top right corner of the Editor there is an input field for console commands. Try to enter t.MaxFPS 30 , that will limit the fps to 30.
I do this a lot, so that the gpu doesn’t run at 99% all the time.

“t.MaxFPS 20” works like a charm to limit GPU usage ( along with Realtime checkbox), unfortunately it also affects BluePrint Editor. Panning becomes very choppy…

Is it possible to limit only viewport FPS, without BP editor ?


and how can I execute this command each time I start editor/project ?

I tried to put it in config files, but not luck.

found file to edit to get low FPS at startup

C:\Program Files\Unreal Engine\4.1\Engine\Config\Windows\WindowsEngine.ini

add this line at the bottom