Is there a way to limit access to assets?

Hi Everyone,
I’ve been using ue4 for a while now for archviz and civilviz projects. I’ve really started to build up a decent library of assets.
I’m looking to work with others online to create blueprints from arrangments of static meshes actors to quickly deploy in viz projects. My main issue is I can’t seem to find any info on a good workflow re working with others online without giving total access to all the assets I’ve spent so long building up. Ultimately I’d like to just give other users access to to just create an arrangement of static mesh actors in a level, allow them to create a blueprint and save their work all within a master project shared using dropbox or source control. Not give them the ability to export, migrate, edit the assets.

Currently, I can’t see anything that could support this or am I just missing something basic?
My only thoughts at the moment are to just migrate the assets needed into a separate project which I could share with them. Allowing them to arrange just those specific meshes. I guess just not as much risk or sharing access to all my assets at once but still kinda seems like a losing battle long term. This would also take me quite a bit of time and wouldn’t give us much flexibility seeing as I’m looking at making a large number of these blueprints.
Any suggestions, workflows or advice on this would be greatly appreciated.