Is there a way to let the engine generated levels itself?

Hi, I am currently trying to make a game that will consist of lots of levels ( Game levels). However, I am not sure if I need to make all the levels myself or Is there a way that I can use blueprints to let the engine generate level itself. Therefore, I just wanna ask if that is possible and if it is can I do it through blueprint or I have to do it through code. If u can, I would like a picture of either the blueprint or code if possible. Thank you, everyone.

You can do this in C++ or Blueprint. But your question is quite vague I’m afraid. There are many ways of doing it depending upon what kind of level combinations you want.

Bascically the idea is to make blueprints which represent ‘possible parts’ of the level, and they can either spawn themselves or be spawned under the control of a controller blueprint.

It’s not possible to put a BP here, because it would be days ( minimum ) or months ( maximum ) of work, and wouldn’t really mean much…

if your looking for a example for procedural level generation then you could check out the turnBasedStrategy project in the learn tab. theres also a stream on that project from awhile ago that goes into the systems.

It is possible as it is to possible to dynamically spawn actors which build up the level anwyay. So yea, in most basic form all you need to do is to spawn meshes on proper calculated positions. Also block of screen when you spawn content as if you do this it will get laggy and you probablywant user to see poping in content

You probably example because there literately hudraids ways to do this

basically, I am trying to make a game like flappy bird, However, I am not sure if I have to make all the level myself or there is a way to let the engine generated and spawn blocks automatically. Therefore, I wanna ask if it is easier to just make all the level myself or using the blueprint. Which way is more sufficient and faster.

Yes I think what was said by others is the best place to start - look at the turn based strategy game example.

However, since a level can be anything - a maze, an open outdoor area, hills and valleys, space and planets, etc. You have to be more specific.

Also please specify if you want to generate the levels in realtime while the game is playing or beforehand and store them like with an editor utility for example.

You can go either way. It would take a while to make the levels by hand, but then at least you’re done. If you go the BP route, you need to learn all about that first and make the BPs…

i’d also say it depends on how many levels you want to have. like clockworkOcean said making levels by hand can take awhile, it may be more time efficient to determine the rules for level creating and make them procedurally. then you would have a endless supply of levels. when it comes to efficiency theres a tipping point where you could create X levels by hand in the time it takes to code the procedural process.

does flappy bird have any hazards in the levels aside from the walls? is so that could add another layer of complexity.

I will probably just make all the level by hand, however, I am just not sure on how to package all those level together. I don’t know where I can create all those levels. Do I do them in a separate level for each of the game levels or do I do them each for a level?

You can either do it like a enourmous map, or split each level into it’s own map file.

Either way, you’ll need level streaming when it comes to connecting them together.

There’s plenty out there on level streaming for vast open worlds, not so much on level streaming for loading separate maps, except this:

Here is an example:

You can apply the same principles to a 2D game, and just not make it endless.

You can make each level harder by making the obstacles have bigger distances between them, be closer together etc.