Is there a way to know if pathfinder used a navlink proxy to reach its destination?

Hi there,

I have an environment comprised of a number of rooms connected with doors. I have set the doors so that they have no collision and are marked as obstacles in the navmesh. I have then created Navlink proxies that traverse the obstacle, so that my AI will be able to pathfind through doors.

My problem is how to be able to enable the AI to open doors as they encounter them along the way. I know there’s a check to see if a smartlink has been reached, but in my case I need the AI to play a stop and turn animation before I play the open door animation. So by the time the smartlink is reached it’s already too late.

So my question is whether there’s a way to tell if the pathfinder used any navlink proxies in order to reach its destination? I could then create an array from the pathfinder results and flag the positions that correspond to the navlink nodes so that I can prepare the AI beforehand.

Or is there any other clever way of solving this?