Is there a way to keep projects with purchased content from the marketplace up to date?

I just downloaded an update to one of the marketplace content packs but I already had it integrated in my project. Would I need to delete it in my project then click “Add to Project” again to get whatever benefits the new update had?

Most likely the update was to ensure the content continues to run on newer engine builds as the author agrees to before releasing on market. So it shouldn’t be necessary for you.

I would like to know this as well, I have a lot of content in my vault that I wonder if it updates or not, I’ve just assumed that when you run the launcher and it tell you there is an update and you need to restart that its updating market place content, but I would assume if tis already being used in your projects it will reimport if it notices changes in the vault directory

I wouldn’t assume so much. I mean, I really hope all that’s true but I’d like some confirmation that it is.