Is there a way to Invert a players X axis?

Hello. Is there a way to invert a players X axis in unreal engine with Blueprints? Thanks for reading my random question.

If you are speaking of the Mouse X Axis Input: Multiply the float value with -1.


Maybe I should have written that differently. I’m trying to invert the player 180 degrees.

Ok, yes. Something different then :nerd_face: But I’m still not 100% sure what you want to do. I don’t believe you want to rotate the player 180°? Would it be something similar like a negativ scale value for X? That would, at least visually, mirror it. Or manipulate the controls of the pawn to rotate all the inputs as some kind of interference in gameplay?

What exactly do you mean with “invert the player 180 degrees”?. If you give some concrete examples of what you are trying to achieve it’s going to be easier to get the right answer!

I figured it out.