Is there a way to increase Collision detection on Melee Weapons

Hey :slight_smile:

At the moment we are working on a First Person Sword Combat Game.
But right now we are stuck. The Collision is way to inaccurate.We have way to much clipping.

Our “way to go Hardware” is the HTC Vive.

Is there a way to get Better Collision ?

We already tried:

  • Making the collider bigger

  • added a Box Collision ( in Blue Prints)

  • increased the Physic Substeps in the Physics Tab

  • activated CCD (Continous Collision Detection)

Here is a Picture of the Asset from this moment.

So if anybody know a way to get better Collision, pls let us / me know.

Thanks :).

Hey mettigel2, I have 2 suggestion for you, maybe there’s more solution but I don’t know them. Try to create your own collision inside Blender/maya so you’ll have the ability to put the exact size you want. Another suggestion will be to use the plugins of Rama if you have some money.

Rama's Melee Weapon Plugin in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace <= market <= doc

Good luck and have fun !