Is there a way to implement damage from a part of a sprite or do my weapons have to be seperate sprites?

I am currently trying to build a 2D hack-n-slash game using paper2D. I am having difficulty trying to implement a way to do damage with my weapons. Is there a way to do this using my character sprite or do my weapons have to be seperate sprites? Please talk to me like I’m 5, as this is making me feel like it.

i was making a hack n slash prototype default 3d third person, i got frustrated with some collision crap and did a probably crappy way of dealing damage.

for my character blueprint i added a sphere component that was much bigger than my character, i set it to overlap all, and then on mouse click a made it delay for 0.2 seconds and then i used this spheres function of “getOverlappingActors” and foreach actor i dealt PointDamage.

its sloppy i think, and i can imagine a bunch of cases where it wouldnt work well (for instance it would damage enemies behind me) but its a good place holder until you find a better way.

You should be able to just create a box component in the blueprint components, and scale, position and rotate into the right place, and (if you need to) animate it with a timeline :slight_smile:

Okay, that sounds simple enough. I will try to figure hat out when I get home. The problem is it would only be doing damage during 2 of my frames and the only way I know to do any thing where I can visibly see the those frames is in the flipbook editor. Should I 're-animate it with the timeline or can I open a blueprint using that flipbook?

Hmm, ok. I’m trying to figure out sockets with sprites. Is there a way to attach something to a socket on a sprite without first placing it in the game so that it will be used ina flipbook?

Still coming up empty with this one. Even when I attach a socket to a sprite, there is no way to get the name of that socket to show up anywhere other than the sprite editor.

Still have yet to figure this out. Ended up taking an extended break from my development and have gone in with a fresh mind, starting over from the top. I’ve still ended up in this same issue without finding much in the way of solving my problem =/ I cannot figure out how to work the Timeline with Flipbook animations tied into character collision blueprints and it’s driving me crazy =/