Is there a way to ignore right click on widgets?


I’m having an issue where double right-clicking on widget buttons is behaving like a left click and it’s really frustrating. Is there any way to completely ignore right clicks on a widget? More specifically, if it helps, it is triggering the On Item Selection Changed event on a list view entry widget.

Post some of your code. I’ve never experienced Right clicking on a widget doing anything unless you’ve coded it to do so. There’s no built-in functionality for it.

Thanks for writing back. I’ll post some snippets in just a bit, but I really don’t have anything in particular to support right clicking. I just have a listview with an entry widget containing an image and label on top of a button, and when you double right click on it in game, it triggers the on item selection changed event which is what I’m hoping to prevent. In that event I’m just changing the color of the button and label that is clicked, and loading data into another widget. It’s a class/loadout selection interface.

Here’s a snippet of my entry widget BP. You might need to move just a few nodes around to make it more legible (it’s not that messy on my end, that’s just how it came through when I tried pasting the contents of the function into the same BP).

UMG right click issue > | PasteBin For Unreal Engine 4

Brief overview:
Widget has On Clicked and On Item Selection Changed events (I need both because I do set a default selection through BP code when initializing the widget) which really just execute the UpdateSelectedRole function after checking that the selected role is different from the already selected role (which I save in the player state).

The UpdateSelectedRole function just updates the selected role in the player state and updates the coloring of the buttons accordingly (black/grey with cyan text when not selected, cyan with black text when selected). It also sets the entry widget as the selected item on the owning listview (this seems to be necessary though I wasn’t expecting it to be, when I disconnect this the selection doesn’t work as expected)

Image isn’t working. The link says file not found. Upload it to the forum directly using the insert picture option. Also, take a screenshot of your input settings too. Maybe the Right Mouse is being used there for something?

Nevermind, the link worked the second time. Nothing in your code looks wrong. Check the input settings is the only thing I can think of. Also try another mouse on the off chance the issue is with your mouse and not your code. lol

No luck. The only thing my right click is bound to is aiming weapons. I’m going to try making a blank project with nothing but a widget to see if the right click triggers that event there too, then I’ll probably put that in as a bug and see what Epic says.