Is there a way to ignore collisions for a large group of objects to improve performance?

I have a large level, and only a part of it in the center is playable / accessible to players. I have a lot of trees and whatnot outside that playable area, and I’m assuming Unreal is wasting cycles by having collisions defined for those objects, especially when bullets fly outside the level and runs into one of those objects.

Is there a way to mass-modify a group of these objects to tell unreal I’m not interested in their collisions for the sake of performance? I know I can tinker around with the collisions on the individual meshes, but I was wondering if there was a faster way (since I have a lot of objects I’d need to modify, and some of them are still inside the level and I would like to retain their collisions).

No need, basically. UE has you covered there. The most pressing issue with large areas is drawing everything.