Is there a way to have a mouse pointer over a full screen widget without releasing to the OS?

I currently have a level that the player walks around and when he gets close to a poster on the wall, the crosshair changes to another cursor, and when the user clicks, the game is paused and a full screen widget appears. Added to this, there’s a SET show mouse cursor node, that makes the system mouse pointer appear over the widget to click on some links. When the player wants to get back to the game, he presses the right mouse button, the widget closes, and the mouse pointer disappears, and the player can keep walking around inside the level.

The problem I have with that is that it works perfectly fine in all delivery methods but HTML5, which is the one we need. In the browser, when the player right clicks to close the full screen widget, the mouse pointer is still active, so the player has to click again inside the game to release the mouse from the system to the game. This is very confusing for someone who is not familiar with it.

So I was wondering if there’s a way to set the blueprint in a way that the focus is returned to the game and the system releases the mouse. I tried everything, including the “Set input mode game only” node, but nothing works in HTML5, although it works in everything else.

And if this is a restriction from the browser, is there a way to achieve the same but without releasing the mouse to the system? Like setting a cursor widget that will get the focus, but it won’t be the system mouse, but it will be inside the game?

Do any of the “Default Viewport Mouse Capture Mode” selections do anything to help? There is a capture permanently selection… They are under the viewport properties in project settings…

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Yes, I tried that. The problem is that the HTML5 build works different than any other build, whether it’s the preview in the editor, preview as a standalone, build to Mac, build to Win64, all of those work perfect. When the user right clicks it closes the widget, and the focus returns to the game, because there’s a “show mouse cursor” node unticked.

But in the HTML5 build it doesn’t, and I tried so many different options for days, I’m out of choices. And this may be an issue that UE has no control over, it may be that the browsers don’t support capturing the mouse after it’s released, even when playing full screen.

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