Is there a way to have a billboard sprite draw in front of everything else?a

I’m using a billboard sprite as an icon in my game, but I’d like to be able to see it through static meshes. How would I go about doing this? Is it in the material?

Hello Breakobs,

What you are looking for is ‘SceneDepth’ in the material editor. This will allow you to render your objects at a custom depth so you can get the effect you desire. Here is some helpful documentation and tips on how to use the ‘SceneDepth’ node in the material editor.

Keep in mind, that only translucent materials may utilize ‘Scene Depth.’

Depth Expressions Documentation


But the question is about a billboard, uses textures, not materials. Please, anyone knows a real answer?

Regular billboards cannot sort through translucency, as they are static textures. Material billboards can utilize opacity and still be used as an on screen image like a regular billboard. At that point, you can just use the ‘Disable Depth Test’ option so it is rendered in front of all the objects placed in your scene.

but Material Billboards don’t work on VR, so we have no solution for this if we are working on VR?

You would need to implement your own custom solution in that case. If you have a VR specific issue or question, please create a new post as this one has been answered correctly according to the original posters inquiry.

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