Is there a way to group assets in Unreal?

In Max i have assemblies grouped. when i import into Unreal i get tons of individual assets. If I import many assemblies it gets very contested and confusing. Looking for a way to tidey up my workflow by keeping assemblies grouped together.

never mind got it.
unless someone has a better method i am importing everything into a separate folder then ctl +g with everything selected in the viewport

I’m not the most familiar with Max, but if it’s exported to one single .fbx file then on import you can go under the advanced settings of the “Mesh” section and set “Combine Meshes” to True, which should combine all meshes in the fbx file into one static mesh in the engine. But like I said, I’m not super familiar with Max but coming from Maya or Blender I’ve found that this works as intended.

Here’s an image for reference

Hope that helps!

Great! Thank you!