Is there a way to get World Forward Vector?

So I would like to get a forward vector of a specific component that stays the same relative to world. For example, If I rotate the local Yaw this forward vector will stay the same. I would like to get that Vector using C++ but if there’s a way in blueprint i would be glad to hear this approach too.


Hey @DjAs,
If you’re using it to manipulate materials, I believe there is.

But, It seems like a lot of the vector mathematics occurs at the relative scale.
I hope this can help,


A vector that stays the same relative to world is just a constant, right?
By convention, the “forward” vector in Unreal is the X vector, so FVector(1, 0, 0) would do it.
You can also get the Forward() from the identity matrix.

If this is not what you want, then there’s something more to your request than just “forward stays the same relative to world.”

Alternatively, if there are SOME things that can rotate that component, but not the control rotation, just get the GetComponentTransform() of that component, and get the GetRotation().GetForwardVector() on that.