Is there a way to get the component bounds of an actor non parallel to the world axis?

Hi all,
I am importing structural data into the engine and I have found that I am getting thousands of static mesh assets representing each individual wall and pipe etc. These assets are unnecessarily taking up storage space. Since the structural assets are essentially cubes and cylinders I made a blueprint script which would get the component bounds of the actors and replace them with the basic shapes found in the starter content and scale the basic shapes to the size of the original actor. That way all my world actors are now using these basic meshes and I can delete the thousands of assets of varying wall sizes I have in my content browser. Or so I thought. What I did not account for were the actors in the world which which were nonparallel to the world axis. Get component bounds does not account for the rotated actors and only returns the bounds relative the world axis. So the actors which are non parallel are replaced by wrongly scaled shapes now in a parallel orientation to the world axis as shown below. My question is: Is there a way to get the component bounds of an actor parallel to its own axis, not the world axis?

Before and after for actor parallel to world axis:

Before for non parallel actor:

After for non parallel actor:

If you’re still trying to work this out, you could try looking into Get Local Bounds rather than getting the actor or component bounds. Hopefully you’d find it’d work for what you need.

GetLocalBounds Blueprint Page
GetLocalBounds C++ Page