Is there a way to get modifiable UE assets from free packs on Fab?

It appears that free asset packs have no way to get the modifiable assets for the pack. However, free individual assets have this option. Is there a way to get the the modifiable UE assets for free packs on Fab?

Bonus question: I thought one way to do this would be to download those packs through the unreal engine marketplace. But it looks like asset packs that you can find on Fab in UEFN are not listed in the unreal engine marketplace. Why is that?

Thanks for your question - if you let me know which pack(s) you are referring to, we can try to provide a specific answer.

For sure - it’s the Post-Apocalyptic Scrapyard Pack.

But it seems to be the case for all Free packs - there is no purchase option that includes modifiable UE assets, and the “Add as a modifiable Unreal Engine asset” is disabled for packs. So I was just curious if it was possible to get modifiable assets for free packs in general. But it sounds like they may be available on a case by case basis?

For this particular pack there’s no UEM counterpart - it was produced just for UEFN. We have a few packs like this in Fab.

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