Is there a way to get "Landscape Grass Type" to ignore "Landscape Splines"?

I have an issue with “Landscape Grass Type” being rendered over my Landscape Splines, I’m hoping there is a way so that the LGT can ignore Landscape Splines. I’ve tried changing the Layer Name to something that isn’t in my Landscape brushes but it still populates on top of my splines. I’ve applied them to my landscape but nothing changes.

Any help would be great since this seems to be a common way of creating paths and roads that you wouldn’t want plants on top of.

Did you ever sort this out? I am running into this issue as well. I’ve seen a video that says this can be fixed by going into the Landscape Grass Type and unchecking, then rechecking “Use Grid” to that it will refresh, but this does not work for me.

1.Please Set Layer Name First
2.Clik The Button(All Splines Or Only Selected)