Is there a way to get Actors in Radius to use custom event?

You’re every close.

Sphere overlap (Class Filter for desired actor) → Get Overlapping Actors → For Each Loop → Cast to the Desired Actor → Call Custom Event

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Hey guys

I am trying to get all actors (of a certain type) in a radius. I want to get those actors to play a custom event they all have. I can do this on an individual basis but I want them to do it in a radius to the player.

THe idea is… I am pulsing a scanner. I have a custom event to do some funky mojo to the objects when they are activated by the scanner.

I tried a Sphere overlap actors to get them i an array. Set a custom collision object type (scanned object) but I don’t know how to make the actors in the array do anything. Any ThoughtS?

I tried a

The Answer was that I needed to cast to the object i wished from each in a for each loop in the array. Then call the event.

Thanks SO much. Yes this was what Fixed it.

No someone else helped me just before you did. I appreciate it though.

Ha, you actually cracked it yourself!