Is there a way to get a CSR in Unreal?

Hello, is there any way in unreal to get a csr key? Like for example you input the country, state, city and some other information and you get a long key as a result (like this). I need the string of the key to send it in a json to the server to enroll the game as a valid entity to do some stuff on it but I can’t find any way to do it. I have tried to use OpenSSL following this tutorial but I cannot find the file it outputs in the folder the project is in. Any help/pointers to what should I do?

For anyone in the same situation as me, there is a way. You will have to add OpenSSL as a third party library to unreal and then follow this tutorial. I would suggest adding to the path of the file FPaths::ProjectSavedDir() so that it is saved in the Saved folder of the engine