Is there a way to generate qr-codes in unreal via blueprint or code?

Hey there,

I’m working on an interactive public display which provides a game for passersby. After they are done with the game they should see on the screen a qr code which includes the results like the final score etc… This qr code should be generate in game therefore I’m asking if there is a way to realize the ue4 can generate qr codes. I’m not good at all in c++ coding. Therefore I’m working with blueprints for right now. I’m thankful for any suggestions.

We hope this plugin can help you: QRCode Generator For UE4

There is a free plugin in github i hope it helpfull.

Hello everyone, a little help I do not know what is placed in the value default thank you I will collaborate

No. Do you have another solution for this? Thank you

Did you make it work?