Is there a way to generate mini-UE4?

UE4 is big, I was scrolling around in its 100,000+ page API and thinking that to myself. So my question is, is there a way to delete everything down to bare bones or whatever I want to focus on, and then add in the ‘stuff’ I deleted when I actually want it?

I wanna know how small I can get UE4, I am just overwhelmed by it’s endless pages of documentation and source and API and modules.

I don’t know if you really can, UE4 is divided in to modules and 3 main modules Core, CoreUObject (this one is small ;p) and Engine which you can call barebone are big

Maybe those categorized module views can help you explore it. But really you don’t need to know everything, you really can’t and i know even Epic devs have problem knowing everything, because UE4 is so big. Just search API reference when you need to know specific thing, thats what i do.

Because it is split up into modules it should be possible to get rid of everything accept those three core modules. Probably by getting source and then deleting or moving a lot of stuff.

Bump. Would like to hear from more people on this topic.