Is there a way to generate mini-UE4?

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		 			 			 			UE4 is big, I was scrolling around in its 100,000+ page API and thinking that to myself. So my question is, is there a way to delete everything down to bare bones or whatever I want to focus on, and then add in the 'stuff' I deleted when I actually want it?
		I wanna know how small I can get UE4, I am just overwhelmed by it's endless pages of documentation and source and API and modules.

it’s divided into modules so it should be pretty easy to reduce it down to it’s 3 core modules.

One can’t just pick all the source code and study from there… it is an overwhelming task this way, there are people which is working with UE4 since 2014 and still can’t tackle 60% of its entirely, not because they are lazy, but because the engine itself is in constant change and receiving new technology and tools on a very regular basis. I can’t figure why one would want to study this way, unless want to recreate his own game engine, another daunting task for one person.

I recommend this:

a) choose an area of interest : animation, materials, visual fx, film, tools, etc
b) create an idea for a small project targeting your area of interest
c) start to look which techs you will need to gather to realize your project and how those are mapped into the engine
d) start building the project, researching while you feel you got stuck on some point
e) watch Epic tutorials and live streams (past recent ones are very useful and don’t watch things before 2017, too many changes already)

I hope you can get there and success!

hum, we are saying the same thing to each other. I want to focus on the core three (Engine, Core, and CoreUobject), and then manually add back in modules as needed. I want to remove/deactivate the other modules to make the engine smaller so I am not looking at all the source code.

As a project I want to focus on what the game actually is with bare minimum graphics(without fancy animation for example).

Also I want to cut down the hard drive space the engine is using up, and add in as desired. Because the engine has been modularized this should fairly simple and I am sure others would like to do the same.

Thanks for the feedback. Still looking for some more though.