Is there a way to force full resolution Virtual Texture Displacement with UDIMs?

Is this a bug or operator error (me)? I’m using UE4.26 and I’ve got a custom mesh with 50 UDIMS using a material with three separate Virtual Textures (VT); one for color, one for normal and one for displacement. The Color VT (using 8k x 8k tiles) and Normal VT(using 4k x 4k tiles) render at full resolution when viewing the object, but the Displacement VT (using 512 x 512 tiles) only updates to the full resolution displacement in the viewport when I go into the Texture Editor and tick on ‘Mip Level:’ in the header bar (shown in image below).

To try and force this behavior without going to the Texture Editor, on the right side of the Texture Editor, down under Level Of Detail (shown below), I’ve turned Mip Gen Settings to “NoMipmaps” and set Never Stream to “True”, to try and force the highest level map, however the full resolution displacement does not appear, no matter how close or far I am to the object without me doing the aforementioned action in the previous paragraph. So I was wondering, is there a way to have the displacement (full res) automatically load as if ‘Mip Level:’ has been ticked as shown above?

Some system information - in the Windows Task Manager, Dedicated GPU memory usage is ~2.1GB when running the scene, regardless of whether the full resolution displacement Virtual Texture or a lower quality version is being rendered in the viewport. Also, the scene is running on a RTX 3090 on a 1920 x 1080 screen.

Any help would be great appreciated. Thank you!