Is there a way to force close UE4Editor.exe


Recently I had to take up the task of consolidating a large amount of textures. Every so often, the engine goes to submit to our source control (perforce) and appears to soft - lock even after waiting up to 45 minutes. I have about 60gbs of ram and I am not pushing the limit yet.

When I go to force end the process, I get access denied by windows 10. I have tried command prompt, powershell, ProcessHacker2 and setting new permission to the editor for my account and still cannot force close the software. I am wasting alot of time restarting my computer everytime it freezes up on me.

Does anyone have any suggestions.

  • Drew

This can happen if you’re not the admin or because of an anti virus/windows defender.

Hmm, I am set as an Admin. But I could easily see BitDefender preventing that. Ill try disabling it next time

I’m not sure how to close the program, but you could force restart your pc by copying this command into cmd (command prompt): “shutdown /r /f /t 0” This will force restart your PC which closes unreal engine, then restarts the PC.

Also try to validate UE4’s files, this should help prevent crashing of Unreal Engine. Go to the Epic Games Launcher then go to the Unreal Engine tab > Library tab (the one inside of the Unreal Engine tab) > Click the drop down arrow > Click validate.