Is there a way to fade between multiple materials at runtime?

I’ve been working on my weather and season system lately, when it starts to snow for example I’d like snow to be able to “build up” In the world.(Obviously doing this dynamically is out of my scope as I’m newish, and expensive.)

Basically have my landscape material fade into a snow covered landscape material.

Spring: Bright colored grass texture gradually fades into summer’s deep grass color, autumn fades into dying grass/dirt texture with some leaf piles > winter fades into snow repeat ad infinitum.

The only tutorial I’ve been able to track down on this exact thing uses a simple material with only 1 color. I have already gone through the work of making my landscape materials for each season and I don’t want just a single solid color for the landscape anyways.

I guess if somehow I could find a way to have 1 single landscape material that lerps between them all? Or maybe drive the landscape material “swap/fade” with timelines in the level bp? I’m not even sure if this is possible to do.

Any help appreciated.