Is there a way to edit the tab order in UMG?

In UMG, I have made a simple form featuring numerous text blocks. It all looks good and operates great and all that, but during game play, if you click on the first box, and then tab, it will tab seemingly random to another text box. I’ve tried ZOrder, and the order the components are in the Widget editor.

So is there a way to make sure it tabs to right widget?

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I believe this is a feature that is on deck for a future iteration of the engine, but doesn’t exist yet.

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Nothing yet.

On the left hand side of the screen (by default) where you can chose which widget components are child/parents of each you, if you change the order of those it should affect the tab order

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Nope. I’ve tried moving the components but it doesn’t work. Will hope for an upgrade that handles tab order.

I know, it has been almost 8 yrs since this was posted but since I ended up here looking for the solution I thought I would say that Gyzzorn was correct. Ordering the buttons on the left panel, top-to-bottom = direction of tabbing. This works perfectly in 5.2.1 and it should be noted that if a UI element (text box, combo, etc) is disabled during gameplay then it is simply skipped during the user’s tabbing process.

One can set very explicit navigation rules for any widget that can keyboard focus:


Next / Previous corresponds to Tab / Shift Tab afair.



While this button has keyboard focus Tab goes to button 5, Shift+Tab goes to button 3.