Is there a way to download the Epic Citadel project

I’m new to Unreal and I heard that the Epic Citadel project comes with it. However, I looked around the marketplace and couldn’t find it. Is there a way to download the project?

This was available with UDK/UE3. I’m not aware of any plans at the moment to release this for UE4.

If I downloaded UE3, would I still be able to get the project?

No. But I am not sure if the meshes inside that UE3 map is exportable. If you can take them out, I believe you can put them back in Unreal 4 by importing.

UE3 files are not compatible with UE4. You can export the assets as FBX and import into UE4, but these assets cannot be used for any games you create due to licensing.

Even though It is not available with ue4/5 is there any ability to get the epic citadel files to use with ue3 anywhere? I remember epic citadel being the only “game”( I am now aware it was a demo) that we were allowed to play on the school ipads, Since becoming interested in development I have wondered if there was a way to relive the maps but haven’t found a working version of it