Is there a way to do color markup/partial color change on TextBlock?

I’m using a TextBlock to show the FString/FText.
I can change the color of the whole TextBlock, but I want to change color on part of them instead.

One of the way I can think of is using markup like :

Deal <color=red>30</color> damage to target enemy.

It doesn’t have to use markup like that, as long as the color changed.

Question : Is the TextBlock has a support for partial color changing or something alike? It’s also doesn’t have to be TextBlock as long as I can partially change the text color and can still show it on UserWidget.

Ps. I can imagine another/last possibility : generate multiple TextBlock and put it next to each other in HorizontalBlock, which sound doable, but also very painful. I’ll try avoid doing that at all cost. Any better solution are welcomed. Thanks.