Is there a way to do a per actor move/rotate in viewport ?


I wonder if there is an option to move or rotate a selection of actors in the viewport, but each actor by their relative location and rotation?

When you select “Local” in the coordinate system, but you have more than a single object, they will all be translated/rotated/scale as a group. Which is fine in many cases but not in others…

Let’s say you changed a static mesh’s pivot point and re-imported it, then you will have all instances in a wrong place, in all your levels!
In this case, it’s a crazy amount of work to move all of them back, one by one, to new correct position.
Same if you replace a bunch of meshes with another having a different pivot or size.

It’s not possible to edit the transform properties in the detail panel, as each objects have various location and rotation. For scaling it’s more easy if they all have the same scale already. But not if you adjusted some instances or mirrored some (then they have negative scale), it’s dead.

new pivot: