Is there a way to disable "Use Less CPU when in Background" for packaged program

Is it possible to make the packaged program always run smoothly even when it’s not the foreground app ? Essentially like unchecking the “Use Less CPU when in Background” option for editor settings but for the packaged product. Thanks in advance.

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Hi crunchytech,
did you managed to disable “Use Less CPU when in Background” in game mode? I need this too for a game module.

Greets, solarisx

how u guys determining cpu usage on packaged game?
are u using windows task manger or any stat command ?
i see no change of cpu usage on my packaged game. but in editor i have seen several cpu utilization related code

u may try “t.IdleWhenNotForeground=1” in the console.
but it most probably broken in 4.14 or 4.15
i have did a fix by altering engine side code. but as i said i never was able to detect any less cpu usage in package build.

Hi Muzaheed,
you are right. I had misunderstood that. Greets