Is there a way to disable the onscreen joysticks during runtime?

Hi, I was wondering if there is a way to disable the onscreen joysticks for a mobile during run time. I’d then want to make them visible again at some point.

![alt text][1]if there are several ways you press the tab (edit) and select project settin. input

Thanks for the reply. I created a touch interface setup but what exactly can I do with it? I was expecting a graph or something but there’s nothing.

Ok I’ve got it, just didn’t have the details window open.

I can’t see how this will help though. I’m happy with the default joy sticks in the project. I just want to be able to hide them when I open a menu and then show them again when the menu is closed.

1: ok you need to open the DefaultVirtualJoysticks

2: and put the inactive Opacity to 0


Aha yea that’s perfect thanks!