Is there a way to disable mouse hover text

This has been asked here multiple times with no answer, but I will ask it again. Is there a way to disable or at least delay the mouse hover text? The info it gives is helpful but not when it blocks your selection or if you are moving items around rapidly. It would be great if a delay could be put in that displays it if you are there for 2 secs of something like that. And NO I’m not asking how to disable tutorials. this is normal UE4 functionality.

Hi Scott,

This should help you: [Solved] Is there any way to disable editor tooltips? - UI - Unreal Engine Forums


NICE!!! Thanks so much!!

This does not answer

The ones that bother me the most are in the MaterialSelection menu and the Content Browser window.
The idea of having an N second delay before displaying the hover text is a good one. It would prevent the pop over from rapidly flashing and obstructing the view of the other choices.

Also, after disabling tooltips, the popover info is hard to recreate. It would be nice if there was a “Get Info” selection in the right-click menu.

I know this thread is ancient, but I would love if they added this feature. The constant flashing of tooltips as I drag my mouse across the screen gives me headaches sometimes. A simple delay option would be fantastic.

press the key ( ~ ) tilde it will open the console, enter Slate.EnableTooltips = 0 and press Enter to disable and don’t forget the spaces in the command.
If you want to enable repeat the command just change the 0 to 1.